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Sheldon Abend American Theater Collection

This collection contains scripts. This includes but is not limited to, play descriptions, selected scenes, and notes and comments from works such as Grounds for Divorce, Robin Hood's Party, and the Broadway play The Last Warning. Additionally, this collection includes blueprints on how scenes were developed, corrected, and improved based on comments and concerns from various actors during his career from the early 1920s until his death in 2003. 47 boxes. Approximately 300+ titles

Ahlander Collection

This collection consists of brochures and general information on various artists from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands donated by the Florida International University Art Museum from Miami Herald art critic Leslie Judd Ahlander. This includes Cuban artist Felippe Abbreu and Argentinean artist Marta Minujin. The area of these artists include Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.


Christine Ardalan Photograph Collection

To view more images from the collection visit the Christine Ardalan Photographs.

Items Courtesy of Christine Ardalan

Arguelles Family Albums Collection

Donated by the Arguelles Family, includes photographs of Cuba and other Caribbean islands from 1937-1948.

Click Arguelles Family Album to view the digital collection.

Sam and Etta Barnett Collection

Pre-Colombian artifacts from Costa Rica.

To view the collection online visit Sam and Etta Barnett Pre-Columbian Collection. Pre-Columbian artifacts from Costa Rica. 

Cesar Becerra Everglades Collection

Collection in process.

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Cesar Becerra Motoring into the Millennium Collection

Collection in process.

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Alberto Bolet Collection

The Bolet Archives covers the professional and personal life of Cuban born conductor Alberto Bolet. Included are personal correspondence, publicity and family photographs and notes relating to his concerts.

British Guiana (Guyana) General Election Collection

To view the collection visit British Guiana General Election Collections.

General elections in British Guiana on 27 April 1953 were the first held under universal suffrage.


Rogelio Caparros Photograph Collection

Rogelio Caparros was a writer and photographer for the Cuban magazine, Bohemia. The photographs in the collection reflect Cuban life during the Revolution, in Nicaragua, Panama and a number of photos taken in New York during Caparros' tenure as a photographer for the United Nations in the early 1960s. Included are negatives, contact prints and large photoprints.

Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars

Archives of the ACWWS, an association promoting the literature and orature of Caribbean women writers and scholars.

Casanas Family Collection

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Album de la revolucion: 1952-1959

Collection in process. Call for further information.

Cuban Exhile Archives

Includes publications from the Cuban American National Foundation, photographs of exiles, and correspondence between project director Dr. Miguel Bretos and other exiles, and publications of the project.

Cuban and Cuban American Collections

Cuban and Cuban American Collections

The Cuban Living History Project

Includes over 400 VHS tapes of interviews with prominent Cuban exiles. In addition to the tapes, are the books, plays, documentaries, and newspaper commentaries written by Miguel Gonzalez-Pando.

Judge Mattie Belle Davis Collection

Judge Mattie Bell Davis was the judge of the Metropolitan Dade County Court (1959-1972).

Deering Estate

Videotapes and photographs of the Estate before and after the 1992 Hurricane Andrew.

Diaz-Ayala Collection

The collections approximate 100,000 items span the history of popular Cuban and other Latin music, including 25,000 LPs and 14,500 78 mms. Special Collections houses the some 3,000 books contained within this collection.

Bernard Diederich Collection

Included are Central American and Caribbean newspapers, political posters, booklets and private correspondence, as well as, videotapes, photographs, slides and audio cassettes with interviews of Central American and Caribbean leaders.

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Dana A. Dorsey Collection

Dana A. Dorsey (1872-1940) was the first African-American millionaire in Miami. The collection is comprised of the legal and financial records of his vast real estate holdings. Mortgages, leases, rental and loans agreements represent the focus of the collection.

FIU South Florida Labor Archives

Florida Labor: Union Memorabilia of Henry Petrell, International Association of Fire Fighters, Arbitration Hearings - Charles A. Hall, Contracts Private Industry. Collective Bargain, Labor Schools and Conventions, Public Service Contracts, International Association of Machinist Aerospace Workers, Police Collective Bargaining Agreement #3, UAW Newspaper Bound Volume, ILGWU, South Florida AFL-CIO, Collective Bargaining, Jack Rubenstein Collection

Florida Nurses Association Collection

The Florida Nurses Association Collection is an extensive 36 box collection documenting the history and proceedings of the Florida Nurses Association. Contents of this collection include items such as the rules and bylaws, annual convention manuals, board of director minutes, historical photographs, and other miscellaneous items spanning the years of the early 1940’s to the late 2000’s.

John and Ideal Gladstone Archival Collection

A collection of 22 publications by and relating to Francisco Amighetti. In addition, the collection includes newspapers - Over a hundred single sheets and incomplete issues of Harpers Bazaar, Harpers Weekly, Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, Ballou’s Pictorial, The Illustrated London News, The New York Scientific Times & Mercantile Register, Pen and Pencil, and Scientific American. These items have records in our library catalog.

James Nelson Goodsell Collection

Goodsell was the Latin American correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor from 1964-1985. Included are video clips and hundreds of images, and transcripts of interviews with regional leaders.

Elaine Gordon Papers

Elaine Gordon a lawmaker and trail-blazing legislator recognized for her devotion to women, children and the elderly. Gordon was a liberal Democrat from South Florida, who proved herself adept in the power circle dominated by men from the conservative districts in the Florida Panhandle.

Senator Jack Gordon Papers

The Papers of Senator Gordon consists of files pertaining to the senator’s work with the Dade County School Board, with the struggle for desegregation in South Florida, in addition to Senator Gordon’s travels for the State Department. His time in the Florida Legislature is represented by files relating to the Senate Bills with which the Senator was concerned. These are in chronological order with the assigned Senate Bill Number and Title.

100.5 linear feet

Guantanamo Bay Collection

The collection is composed of 433 digitized photographs by Kenneth (Allegro) Shartz between 1994 and 1996 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detailing the daily life of the refugees, the humanitarian workers, the detention camps, the wildlife, and the naval base.

Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza Collection of Cuban Genealogy

Includes thousands of books, handwritten and typed letters, photos and other primary documents relating to Cuba and Cuban genealogy, collected over four decades by Felix Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza. Please visit the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) to access the papers from the Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza Collection of Cuban Genealogy.

Books from the collection can be viewed in our Library Catalog.

Isle of Pines Collection

The Isle of Pines Collection deals with the correspondence between the US residents on the island and congressional and legislative representatives in the United States regarding the ratification of the treaty.

Jack Rubenstein Collection

Jack Rubenstein, was a labor-union official who led efforts to organize textile workers in the 1920's and later became a vice president of the New York State A.F.L.-C.I.O.

Dr. E.K. Jaudon Collection

Dr. Eugene Keene Jaudon (1867-1941) a Dade County physician for 27 years, was founder and superintendent of Miami’s first charity hospital.

Dr. Jaudon received his medical degree from the State Medical College, Charleston S.C. in 1896. He and his wife Lillie Lee moved to Miami in 1903. Dr. Jaudon served on the city’s first board of health and was made county physician in 1904.

Erica Koehler Collection

The Erica Koehler Collection is a 3 box collection donated to the Florida International University Special Collections and Archives Department from the School of Nursing. This collection includes items collected by Ms. Koehler and mainly covers the area of Industrial Nursing.

Elena Kurstin Cuban Memorabilia Collection

Includes Cuban travel memorabilia including postcards, travel brochures, pamphlets and restaurant menus and issues of three popular Cuban journals: Bohemia, Carteles and Social.

Abril Lamarque Collection

The collection documents the life and career of Cuban-born cartoonist, designer, illustrator, graphic artist, caricaturist, and art director Abril Lamarque through printed materials, scrapbooks, writings, and original artwork.

League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade

Scrapbooks and papers of The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, including articles, correspondence, awards, certificates, descriptions of projects, proposed amendments, flyers, and accomplishments.

, Mana-Zucca Collection

Mana-Zucca was an internationally known pianist and composer. The collection consists of handwritten and published scores, full original orchestration of her works, including operas and marches, records, and diaries. Much of her life is documented in an extensive collection of scrapbooks and photo albums.

Gwen Margolis Collection

This collection is in process.

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Levi Marrero Collection

The personal papers of Levi Marrero including a large manuscript collection and research materials.

The New Republic - Jorge Mas Canosa Collection

Included in the collection are newspaper articles, VHS tapes and materials gathered by the New Republic magazine legal counsel.

Miami Dade Women Archives

Mattie Belle Davis Collection, Papers of Elaine Gordon, League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County Collection, Gwen Margolis Collection, Undine Sams Nursing Collection, Carmen Petsoules Mary Brickell Collection

Miami Metropolitan Museum of Art Manuscript Collection

In 1989, when the private Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Collection (MMAC) in Coral Gables closed, its Board ensured the intact survival of this important collection by transferring it to the care of Florida International University. 

The Manuscript Collection of newspapers and documents were donated to the FIU Libraries Special Collections from the FIU Art Museum.

Miami Metropolitan Museum and Art Center (MMAC) Collection

In 1989, when the private Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Collection (MMAC) in Coral Gables closed, its Board ensured the intact survival of this important collection by transferring it to the care of Florida International University. With over 2,300 objects that include cultural artifacts, paintings, sculptures, prints and photography, the MMAC collection comprises a significant component of the permanent collection. Excepted from the Frost Art Museum, the Manuscript Collection of newspapers and documents were donated to the FIU Libraries Special Collections.Miscellaneous items previously in the museum’s collection. No main focus, letter, deed, some rare documents, and letters.

J. Floyd Monk Collection

The J. Floyd Monk papers are comprised of 5 boxes of research in Florida history. Some of his frequently addressed topics include: The Seminole War, tourism in Florida, and the history of Cedar Key. One of Monk's special interests which also served as a vacation place for his family.

Nardin Collection of Pre-colombian figures

Pre-Colombian Artifacts from Colombia

Barbara Parker Collection

Barbara Parker was an American mystery writer. She wrote 12 novels, the first of which, Suspicion of Innocence, was a finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best first mystery novel by an American author. Parker was on the national board of the Mystery Writers of America and was the chair of its membership committee for two years. She attended Florida International University, where her thesis for her master's degree became the genesis for Suspicion of Innocence, her first novel.

Lisandro Pérez Papers

This collection of five boxes of papers represents the academic background of Dr. Lisandro Perez. The collection is a compilation of papers that represent his work as a professor from Louisiana State University and Florida International University.

Charles E. Perry Papers and Ephemera

The founding president of FIU. This collection includes this personal papers as well as his records of the years spent building the University. 45 linear feet.

Carmen Petsoules/Mary Brickell Collection

The collection consists of materials depicting the role of Mary Brickell as one of the “founding mothers” of the city of Miami, Florida. Documents detail her work as a landowner and real estate developer. The materials balance the personal and professional lives of Mary Brickell and her descendants.

Ralph Renick Collection

The University Archives of Florida International University is grateful to the family of Ralph Renick for the donation of his papers

Ralph Renick was born in New York City in 1928 and at the age of twelve he moved with his mother and two brother to Miami.

William Rios Collection

Documents relating to the political parties of Puerto Rico with emphasis on the political activities during the 1970’s - 1980’s.

3 linear feet

Carlos Ripoll Collection

The Carlos Ripoll Collection consists of material relating to José Martí, which was accumulated by Mr. Ripoll in the course of his research on the life and work of José Martí.  Material includes including manuscripts, books, papers, and pamphlets, original typescripts, printed material, and clippings of writings by Carlos Ripoll and other writers.

Undine Sams Nursing Collection

Born on July 21, 1919, in Wachula, Florida, Undine Sams graduated from Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1940 and received her BSN from Barry College (now Barry University), in 1961 she worked in emergency, industrial, school and private duty nursing and was a volunteer Red Cross nurse. Sams was one of the few nurses to win the Army-Navy Excellence Award at the Richmond Field Blimp Base during World War II.

Lawrence J. Smith Papers
South Florida Nursing Archive

Christine Ardalan Photograph Collection, South Florida Nurses Association, Undine Sams Nursing Collection, Undine Sams Photograph Collection, Erica Koehler Collection

Alex and Carol Stepick Collection

The Alex and Carol Stepick Collection consists of materials depicting the plight of the Cuban and Haitian refugees in the 1980s in Miami, Florida. The documents detail the treatment of refugees once on American soil and the condition in the countries they were escaping from; highlighting the contrasting experiences of Cuban and Haitian refugees. The collection demonstrates the work of Dr. Alex Stepick

William Straight Collection

The Dr. William Straight Collection held in the Special Collections and University Archives Department at Florida International University is an extremely fascinating and well researched collection that contains an extensive history of the first and founding doctors in Miami beginning in the late 1800’s. This collection was the personal research of Dr. William Straight, who was a prominent cardiologist and internist for over 40 years in Miami, FL, as well as a published historian and enthusiast of Florida medical history. Dr.

Barry Sugerman Collection

The Barry Sugerman collection was donated by Andrew Huber and Barbara Sugerman to the FIU Special Collections and University Archives. The collection consists of books, architectural plans, photographs, magazine articles and other items relating to the expansive work of Barry Sugerman, Architect, A.I.A.

Durbin C. Tabb Collection

A significant collection of original works, papers, monographs, maps, and other material relating to the environmental history of Florida Bay and adjacent areas from marine biologist, Dr. Durbin Tabb, one of the best known and widely cited researchers in the region.


Sheila Thomson Collection

Collection of music CDs, original artwork, photographs and books all relating to Brazil and its culture.

This collection is in process.

Contact us for further information.


Papers of President Gregory Wolfe

This collection is in process.

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Michael Wolfson Theatre Collection