Donate to the Archives


Thank you for your interest in donating to the Special Collections and University Archives of Florida International University. The archives collect documents and items of historical value from the administrative offices of the University’s president, vice-presidents, deans, faculty, student organizations and alumni. Below is a list of types of documents that may have historic value.

Materials that are appropriate for archival status include:

  • correspondence and subject files of the dean, director or chair
  • publications, such as newsletters and annual reports
  • records of programs or curriculum development
  • departmental minutes, committee minutes and committee reports.
  • self-studies, histories and accreditation reports
  • records about symposia and special projects
  • records about cooperative efforts with other institutions
  • records about relationships with government, business or industry
  • photographs (particularly if subjects are identified)

Materials that are inappropriate for archival status include:

  • transactional records, such as leave requests and purchase orders
  • reprints
  • bulky artifacts
  • more than two copies of reports and publications
  • routine correspondence (for example, requests for course information and acknowledgments)

If you are a FIU student who would like to donate your organization's records or a faculty or staff member interested in donating office records to the University Archives, please contact the University Archives Librarian. Staff will work with you and review items to determine if Special Collections and Archives is the best home for your collection.


In addition, the University Archives performs functions related to maintenance and disposal of the university's non-historical records. The University Archivist oversees the creation of records retention schedules and advises in matters related to digitizing records and records storage, as well as the destruction of those records not deemed to have historical value. For more information, visit our Records Management website.