Donate to the Archives


Thank you for your interest in donating to the Special Collections and University Archives of Florida International University. The University Archives collects and preserves records relating to the founding, development of and future plans for Florida International University.

You can help us identify and collect records of historical value from University administrative and academic schools, departments and offices, student and campus life, and publications produced by academic offices and other units on campus.  Some examples include the following:

  • correspondence and subject files of the dean, director or chair
  • publications, such as newsletters and annual reports
  • records of programs or curriculum development
  • departmental minutes, committee minutes and committee reports.
  • self-studies, histories and accreditation reports
  • records about symposia and special projects
  • records about cooperative efforts with other institutions
  • records about relationships with government, business or industry
  • photographs
  • recordings of events 

If you are a FIU student who would like to donate your organization's records or a faculty or staff member interested in donating office records to the University Archives, please contact the University Archives.

All University records are subject to the Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Some records are temporary! Guidelines for retention and disposition of records can be found by visiting the Records Management website. For help determing records retention schedules and advisement in matters related to digitizing records and storage, as well as the dispostion of records that do not have historical value please contact the Records Management Liaison Officer

To begin a records transfer please access the Records Disposition Document (eRDD). Please provide an inventory or overall summary of the records. University records considered for permanent retention in the archives must be reviewed and approved by the University Archivist prior to transfer acceptance. Remember to select "Transfer to University Archives" as your notice of intention.