Durbin C. Tabb Collection

A significant collection of original works, papers, monographs, maps, and other material relating to the environmental history of Florida Bay and adjacent areas from one of the best known and widely cited researchers in the region.

Durbin C. Tabb  was born in Osawatomie, KS on July 21, 1923 and died in Miami, FL Nov. 1, 1998.  He was married to Anne Pawley Tabb and had three children, Eric, Harriet and John.  He served in WW II in the 25th Division of the US Army in the Pacific Theater.  He received a BA degree in biology at Park College, Parkville, MO.  He earned an MS and Ph.D. in marine biology from the University of Miami.  He served on the faculty of the Institute of Marine Sciences of the University of Miami for seventeen years, where he specialized in research on fishing ecology and biology, and ecology of estuaries. Dr. Tabb joined Tropical Bio Industries Development Company in 1973.  In 1980 he was named president of the company, a position he held until retirement in 1988.  During those years he served as an advisor and environmental consultant  in Florida, Latin America, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.  He conducted numerous studies on pollution, land development and endangered marine environments for the Florida State Board of Conservation, The US Department of the Interior and the Conservation Foundation of Washington, D.C. From 1974-1978 Dr. Tabb worked with the Army Corps of Engineers as a member of its Environmental Advisory Board and in 1978 was appointed a special advisor to the National Wetlands Technical Council.  Dr. Tabb was a charter member of the Florida Conservation 70's Organization, served on boards of the Florida Audubon Society and Florida Defenders of the Environment and was a consultant on oil spill emergencies for the U.S Coast Guard.  Dr. Tabb received the Florida Conservation Award from Governor Claude Kirk in 1970.  His citation reads in part: "The people of Florida are indeed fortunate to have a marine biologist of the stature of Dr. Durbin Tabb.  In his quiet but persuasive manner, he has stated the case for marine life before countless forums and, in doing so, helped to enlighten both friend and foe of preservation."

Note written by Anne Pawley Tabb

Monographs – 38 titles (some titles may have NOTIS records)

Manuscript material – 12 linear feet. (Approx)