19 Exhibit

Celebrating 100 years of votes for women!

Announcing a new exhibition to celebrate the Centennial of the 19th Amendment for International Women’s Month - 100 years of voting rights for women in the US!

The 19th Amendment helped millions of women move closer to home equality in all aspects of American life. Voting ensures women’s reproductive and economic progress. Women advocated for job opportunities, fairer wages, education, sex education, and birth control. 100 years later, we’re still fighting!

Join us for an exhibition of Miami artists exploring the meaning and importance of voting - a personal and public discourse about the power of a woman’s ballot.

Curated by Maria Patiño of Maria Patiño Studios and Jean Blackwell Font of Font Squared. Special thanks to our installation professionals, Robert Fernandez and Ignacio Font!


Deborah Lynn Alley
Jean Blackwell Font
Rosee Camafreitas
Maria Carballo
Maruchi Carmona
Silvina Castillo
Bibiana Cervantes
Elcira Chomat Morales
Crystal Garcia
Mirta Gomez
Mila Hajjar Tapperi
Lucia Lafuente
Mary Larsen
Ena Marrero
Najja Moon
Aurora Molina
Maria Patiño
Sabrina Pereyra
Ana Maria Sarlat
Marilyn Valiente