Najja Moon

Now That You See Me
ink on paper

Former student athlete turned artist, it was in college that Najja Moon stopped playing basketball and focused on art. Moving on to graduate in the first class of students to major in studio art from Pfeiffer University. Post undergraduate school, she made the move from North Carolina to Miami where she has established herself as an artist and arts organizer. Her practice is centered on the idea that art is utilitarian. An amalgamation of practicalities that improve her life; design and language, cultural responsibility and community, her visual arts practice uses drawing and text to explore the intersections of queer identity, the body and movement, black culture and familiar relations both personal and communal. She is Co-Founder of the BLCK family a Miami based creative collective responsible for the installation of mobile performance art shows centered around culinary, visual, performing and social arts, motivated by the desire to connect communities in an environment built to encourage collaboration, foster creativity and manifest love.

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