Pachamama is a virtual exhibition presented by the National League of American Pen Women - Coral Gables Branch with the support of The Gallery at Green Library, FIU Libraries.

We invite you to view the online exhibition by clicking on each of the artists' names. By visiting the individual artist exhibition webpage, you will be able to view their artwork with titles and descriptions.

Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, Sanctuary Sal Sidner, Peacock Blue Rochelle Berman, Earth Goddess Carol Gregoire, Red Rock and Turquoise
Terry Arroyo Mulrooney Sal Sidner Rochelle Berman Carol Gregoire
Pober, Pachamama Wannabe-Ooohm Maruchi Carmona, Mother Earth in Distress Martha Quintans, Ceremonial Dance Diana Paredes, Untitled
Pober Maruchi Carmona Martha Quintans Diana Paredes
Mila Hajjar, Omo River (energy loop) Marge Feldman, Maternal Brom Pat Cummins, Super Ghost Orchids

Rosie Brown, Heliconia

Mila Hajjar Marge Feldman Pat Cummins

Rosie Brown

Yasmin Khalaf, Far Away, Glisten Marilyn Valiente, Blue Planet Josie Rovira Ramirez, Toxic Air or In the Aether

Toa Castellanos, Cosmic Sprout

Yasmin Khalaf Marilyn Valiente Josie Rovira Ramirez Toa Castellanos
MaiYap, Our World #1 – Climate Change Celia Reigle, We kill for it, we die without it, what is it? Melinda Gallop, Under the Sea

Maria Patino, Among my own, 2020

MaiYap Celia Reigle Melinda Gallop Maria Patino