Maria Patino Pachamama

Maria Patino, Among my own, 2020

Among my own, 2020
Acrylic, ink and aerosol on canvas
55" x 68.5"

I have painted Mother Earth as a mystic female figure with blue green root like hair. She stares at the viewer through her three eyes, representing the planet’s soil, water and vegetation. She merges from the ground, and her breast appears dry and lifeless. A single hand holds a heart of the earth, a heart fully detached from any sources. The heart’s veins have become stems that are blooming, it has adapted to a self sustainable eco system. A large bird merges from the right side of the canvas. The bird is dressed in a golden garment, it appears to be communicating to Mother Earth, the bird’s garment protects a queen bee sitting on a discarded human head. An incomplete painted sun and moon faces are located on the top right side of the canvas. They appeared to be in a process of change and adaptation. They face new challenges, they are witnesses to a new planet filled with uncertainty. They witness humanitarian efforts to repair all the mistakes made by humans and how humans begin a new relationship with Mother earth.


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