Reference Cited

Reference Cited is a Fine Arts show where a group of 24 artists have found their inspiration or discovered support for their visual artwork in books that can be accessed at the FIU Dorothea and Steven Green Library. They have cited the book, so that others can tap into their source. The books will also be on display. The themes are as diverse as there are artists. One artist found inspiration in complex mathematical algorithms, while another pondered about the Philosophy of Time. Another artist found inspiration in a violent novel about greed and power. And, speaking of greed, one artist found inspiration in humans’ quest for gold, while another found inspiration in a poem about sharing meant for a child. In short, it is a show where a diverse group of talented artists have tapped into FIU’s Green Library fountain of knowledge and cited a written reference to their visual artwork. If you love art, if you love books, or if you love both, you are bound to find this show an outstanding experience.

Explore the participating artists work by clicking on their names below.

Violeta R. Arana
Devin Caserta
Benito Cerna
Ana Albertina Delgado
Ivonne Ferrer
Lia Galleti
Cesar Garcia
Enfori Garcia
Twyla Gettert
Ismael Gomez Peralta
Rodrigo Guillen
Jane Harris
Monique Lassooij
Alvaro Labañino
Adrian Menendez
Luisa Mesa
Lorenzo Moya
Guillermo Portieles
Raul Proenza
Miguel Rodez
Anabel Ruiz
Yampier Sardinas Esperon
Fredy Villamil