Who Women Are



Professor Silvia Pease's students at the Department of Art & Art History, Florida International University, in collaboration with Professor Tshabadira Tsholofelo and Professor Nthejane Lebo's students from the Central University of Technology, in Bloemfontein, South Africa

This joyful collaborative learning experience explores common feminine gender topics on both continents, using experimental, interdisciplinary, and transnational methods in the humanities. Through a visual depiction, students worked creatively advocating for women's visibility and better lives.

Selected posters by Dludlu Clinton, Nico Bass, Tlali Moleboheng, Neftali Bahamundi, Thatomiya, Mónica Justiniano, Nyakallo Fanqa, Cesar Nieto, Eve Espinosa, Tshepan Baartman, Flanegan, Mrwetyana, Christopher Quintero, Michael Garcia Arias, Manuela Roldán, Alex Hess, Melissa Rodriguez, and Valentina Baquer.