Positive Posters

Positive Posters: An FIU Student Showcase

Can posters merge ideas and images into positive changes? Graphic design students at Florida International University sought to answer this very question by creating and donating posters for 
non-profit organizations that impact the global community. 

This exhibit of student talent and the complementing book exhibition on Posters are at the FIU Green Library Special Collections, October 5th until November 30th, 2022.

Curated by Althea Silveira and Prof. Silvia Pease presenting the undergraduate Graphic Design students in the service research course “Design is Change” (GRA4818), CARTA, Department of Art & Art History. 

Participating FIU students and Non-profits:

Natalia Arencibia, “Air Pollution”, Keep Florida Clean, 2022
Crystal Pimentel, “Poster 8”, Non-GMO Project, 2021
Amy Durant, “The Half of It Dearie Blues”, Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., 2020
Andreina Prince, “First Day of Spring”, PAXy, 2020
Gabriella Ferriol, “Celiosa Mind”, Active Minds, 2022
Michelle Rivas, “Cosmetic Testing”, Anonymous for the Voiceless, 2022
Madeline Martinez, “Untitled”, FIU Mammogram Initiative, 2022
Lauren Walker, “Spoonbill”, Friends of the Everglades, 2021
Mathew Sotelo, “Hedonism”, The Loop, 2019
Madelyne Carrion, “Mermaid”, Biscayne Bay Foundation, 2022
Kristen Gonzalez, “SCF3”, The Sloth Conservation Foundation, 2022
Gerianne Caicedo, “Drift Away”, The Fleeting Glades, 2021
Ramon Ripoll, “Agender Pride”, Glsen, 2021
Steven Downer, “Flying Free”, Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, 2022
Paul Rino, “Ants and Fungus”, The Nature Conservatory, 2021
Maria Gil, “Taking Over”, Take 3, 2022
Giuliana Valcarce, Untitled, South Florida Wildlife Center, 2022
Stephanie Udrescu, “Dolphin”, Reef Relief, 2022
Kelly Toruno, “Mania”, Active Minds, 2022
Danielle Kordich, “Trees are the Path to Sustainable Nourishment”, One Tree Planted, 2021